Team Collaboration

Organizations around the world are adopting new ways of working and learning together. Successful collaboration and learning requires clear communication of ideas, goals and strategies, whether to others in the same room or across distances. Tools that enable this kind of communication ultimately expand the potential of what students, business people and others can achieve.

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Interactive Displays

Discover the touch-enabled interactive displays that will take your organization to the fourth dimension of collaboration.  Interactive flat panels allow you to interact with content in a fluid and smooth way.  This interactive experience, combined with stunning visuals, turns meetings into a fully immersive experience.

Multi-Device Collaboration

Collaboration for everyone with multiple-way system of electronic communications; displays, tablets, computers, phones, etc.

Electronic Communication

Multiple-way system of electronic communications, by television, computer, tablets & phones.  Great way to brainstorm, capture and share your ideas with co-workers & clients near and far.