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InfoCor makes it possible for your organization to enhance visual communication and impress audiences, whether internal employees or public visitors. From full screen to multizone campaigns showing static or dynamic content, a digital signage solution from InfoCor is right for you.

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Customer facing and internal corporate communication through the use of digital signage can instantly reach audiences in a variety of settings. Show employee birthdays, provide a welcome greeting in your lobby, display the weather forecast, or scroll stock tickers; are just some of the ways you can utilize the technology. 


K-12 schools, universities, community colleges, and public libraries have many pupils moving about the campus. Digital signage makes it possible to show broad level communication as well as area specific details.  Showcase sports schedules, display calendar reminders, emergency alerts, give student recognition, or thank donors are just a few ways to take advantage of this technology.


Make visitors feel comfortable navigating around your business park, office building, or campus by offering interactive wayfinding. This virtual map can give more than just a “you are here” and can offer detailed descriptions, pictures, and even advertising. Don’t have a need for the interactive wayfinding? Visitors will also appreciate an impressive looking company directory that can be updated in real-time for any immediate changes.


Digital menu boards have a wide range of benefits and are just one example of how digital signage can be implemented. From switching over a breakfast menu to a lunch menu, to easily adjusting prices on the fly. Another use case is to feature certain product selections to immerse customers with your delectable offerings.

Houses of Worship

Information presented digitally allows passersby to get captivated and want to stop and look. Strategically placed signage in a welcome center, fellowship hall, sanctuary, etc. can inform and remind visitors of upcoming events.


The most prevalent use case of retail is to reel in customers by promoting on-going sales and specials. However, with digital signage technology, that doesn’t have to be the only thing showing on the display. It is possible to fade in and out of different content. Be unique and show an associates biography, or loop a video to show customers how a product works.